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Get Ready For Spring Vehicle Maintenance in GTA

At Roadsport Chrysler, we constantly support our customers throughout their vehicle ownership by providing various automotive services from one convenient location. Just as important as winter maintenance, spring maintenance can help your vehicle stay safe and smooth for years to come. Our factory-trained technicians from the Service Centre are always ready to take good care of you and your vehicle.

Importance of Spring Maintenance

Winter driving can be harsh on your vehicle since you have to drive through snow, ice, and over salty roads. Once spring arrives, you will need to perform various maintenance to get your vehicle ready for the upcoming season, such as swapping tires, cleaning your vehicle, and checking vehicle systems. It's important to keep up with vehicle maintenance as it keeps your car running and looking like new.

Five Tips For Spring Maintenance

Change Your Tires & Inspect Them

As the spring approaches, you will want to replace your winter tires with your all-season or summer tire set. During the swap, it's important to check the condition of your stored all-season or summer tire set to ensure safety, and you will also want to check your winter tire set before placing them into storage..

Check All Of Your Vehicle's Fluids

The cold climate and normal driving can cause fluid levels to change, and you will want to check the condition of the fluid to ensure that it meets specifications.

Check & Change Wiper Blades

The winter months are harsh on wiper blades since they have to encounter ice, snow, and cold climate, making it vital to check the condition of your wiper blades after the winter season.

General Car Cleaning

Snow, water, and salt can find themselves in the interior of your cabin and on various components of your vehicle's exterior. To avoid rust on the body panels and salt deposits onto your interior carpet, you will want to clean your car inside and out.

Check Battery & Brakes

The cold weather can negatively affect the performance of your battery, and salt can induce rust on your vehicle's brake system components, so once winter is over, you will want to check the condition of your battery and brakes.

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