A Day at the Spa at Roadsport Chrysler

A Day at the Roadsport Spa in Toronto, Ontario

You and your car are invited to spend a day at the Roadsport Spa in Toronto, ON! Our professional car detailing packages will transform your car to look and feel as good as new. Our expert detailers at Roadsport Chrysler's Service Centre use the right methods and quality products to thoroughly clean your car. Just as regular maintenance keeps your car at peak performance, detailing extends the life of your vehicle. It also increases your car's resale value if you're planning on selling it.

Detailing Packages

Detailing is more than just cleaning. It also protects a car's paint and interior. At Roadsport Chrysler, we have three detailing packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All packages, including the Silver Package, include the following services:.

• Exterior: Washing and Drying

Using specialized products, the detailer will wash, wax, and dry every part of the exterior, including windows and door handles. This process is done by hand.

•Interior: Wipe Dash, Wiper Centre Console, and Vacuum

Thorough cleaning of the interior includes vacuuming seats, carpets, mats, and trunk.

•Tire Dressing Application

Tire dressing enhances the appearance of surfaces and brings back the colour of rubber on your tires.

•Gold Package: Interior Carpet Shampoo

The Gold Package includes everything mentioned above and adds a carpet shampooing service. This service deeply cleans the entire carpet of your vehicle, removes deep-set stains as well as dirt and debris embedded in the material.

• Platinum Package: Engine Shampoo

Our premium Platinum Package includes everything that the Silver and Gold packages offer and adds an engine shampooing service. This is a service only trained professionals can execute. It involves safely removing built-up grease and dirt from the engine and engine compartments like the hood, grille, and vents.

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If you're looking to enhance and beautify the condition of your vehicle, book a detailing appointment with us today at the Roadsport Chrysler Service Centre. Our expert detailers use a variety of cleaners, polishers, power washers, and other tools that get into the nooks and crannies, so your car comes out looking like new. Contact us to learn more about the range of excellent services we offer at our auto Service Centre and Parts Centre.

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