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Vehicle Maintenance For Travel

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Vehicle Maintenance For Travel

While road trips can be exciting and relatively cheap compared to flights, they can do a number on your SUV, truck, or car. Thus, you must ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible shape, which can sometimes mean going beyond routine maintenance. Here's how to prepare your vehicle for your next road trip, and be sure to explore Roadsport Chrysler's service specials.

Test Your Battery & Lights

Testing your battery is critical if it has been running for two years or more without inspection. So, start by checking the cleanliness of its positive and negative terminal leads for dirt, corrosion, debris, or any other factor which could impact its performance. On the other hand, your lights should function optimally, not just for your safety sake but also to be on the right side of the law. Defective lights can cause accidents should you find yourself driving at night. And in Ontario, if one of your headlights is out, the police might charge you.

Check Your Fluids & Belts

Fluids in this regard refer to your engine's lifeblood, the motor oil, and all specialized fluids essential to your car's functioning and longevity. Thus, apart from checking your oil levels, inspect the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. For instance, your fluid might be contaminated if your vehicle has a hydraulic power steering system instead of the modern electric-assisted steering system. Thus it can hamper your vehicle's performance and cause damage or leaks. Regarding belts, it's worth noting that they wear out quickly; thus, inspecting them can reveal fraying or cracking.

Check Your Brakes & Tires

Besides inspecting your brake fluid, inspect the brake pads, especially if you're already experiencing decreased responsiveness. And for your tires, inspect their air pressure and physical condition. Have a professional check out your tires for gouges, bulges, and other observable damage to ensure that your tires are in proper working condition.

Check The A/C

Since you'll be spending lots of time on the road, you want to ensure that you're A/C works optimally to ensure a conducive environment. Therefore, check whether the air is blowing as strong or cold as it should be.

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Indeed, a proper vehicle inspection and maintenance call for the services of an expert. And so, for peace of mind during your vehicle ownership, book your service appointment today at Roadsport Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Scarborough, Ontario.

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